STOW – More than 100 people with standing room only gathered Jan 2 in the Council Chambers to witness the swearing in of new staff and council members.

Mayor John Pribonic welcomed everyone, and the Rev. John D. Corsi of St. Stephen Lutheran Church gave the invocation.

Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio gave the oath of office to Mayor John Pribonic, Law Director Jaime Syx and Finance Director Jim Costello. They will serve 4-year terms.

"It's exciting to be the new law director," Syx said.

Costello, who was interim mayor and a council member, offered to help anyone on council. Six members are new to council.

"It's a unique challenge [as finance director], and I'm looking forward to a great term," Costello said.

Pribonic said a lot of great things are going on in Stow.

"Stow is not in the background," he said. "We'll be in the forefront."

Judge Thomas A. Teodosio gave the oath of office to council members Dennis Altieri (Ward 1); Sindi Harrison (Ward 2); Steve Hailer (Ward 3); Cyle Feldman (at-large); and Christina Shaw (at-large). All council members are elected for 2-year terms.

Harrison was appointed to council in January 2019, the only incumbent, and said she appreciated the support of voters.

"I enjoy working with the residents," she said. "A lot of new faces [on council] is a good thing for the city."

Altieri said he was looking forward to serving everyone.

"I'm looking forward to serving, having fun and solving problems," Hailer said.

Feldman said he would listen to residents and do the right thing.

Shaw praised a diverse council.

Ohio Sen. Kristina D. Roegner (R-27th District) gave the oath of office to council member Jeremy McIntire (at-large).

"I look forward to tackling the challenges," McIntire said.

Attorney and former council member Mike Rasor gave the oath of office to council member Mario Fiocca (Ward 4).

"I look forward to serving," Fiocca said.

The newly sworn in council elected Sindi Harrison as president of council, Jerry McIntire was elected vice president of council and Dennis Altieri was elected president of council pro tem.

Harrison said committee appointments would be made Jan. 6.

The first scheduled meeting for council was Jan. 9 at 7 p.m.

Any elected official cannot serve more than eight consecutive years in the same elected office but after two years, they may hold the same public office.

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