STOW – The job position for economic development coordinator will be removed but may come back in a different form.

Council members objected to Mayor John Pribonic adding deputy planning director to the job description and voted Dec. 30 to rescind the motion to hire an economic development coordinator.

Pribonic said there was a need to cross-train employees. Economic development coordinator Ken Trenner retired Dec. 30. In the past Trenner would step in for the planning and development director Rob Kurtz when he went on vacation or was ill. The planning director position has no one to take over his job.

"No one can take his place when he's gone," Pribonic said. "Everything comes to a halt."

Pribonic said he wanted the new economic development coordinator to be able to back up the position of planning director when necessary.

"I want [staff positions of] people to be more flexible," Pribonic said.

Vice president of council Brian Lowdermilk said the deputy planning director job description should be added to the job posting for economic development coordinator and match the job to fill.

Pribonic said the main focus would be economic development but the candidate should know about planning.

Pribonic said he would take down the posting and stick with economic development coordinator.

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