BOSTON HEIGHTS —  A pair of firms are working together on a project to redevelop the site of the Norwood Inn and a nearby property with both residential and office buildings.

The Norwood Inn, 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway, closed in October. Boston Heights Mayor Bill Goncy said the motel manager informed the village Oct. 3 that the motel would close that day for six months for a "reorganization." The property’s owner, Maplewood Lodging LLC, owes $180,826 in delinquent property taxes, according to Summit County Fiscal Office records.

Crown Property Holdings LLC (dba Tapestry Companies) and Bevan Properties Inc. are working together on a project called Boston Landings, which would consist of apartment units and townhomes on the site of Norwood Inn, and two office buildings on a neighboring property at 6555 Dean Memorial Parkway.

A meeting to discuss the project with the Boston Heights Planning Commission was requested for Jan. 8. Jack Brandt, principal of Tapestry Companies LLC. said his firm had not received confirmation of the meeting date as of Dec. 26. The companies are seeking a rezoning of the land to allow for a planned unit development, a map amendment to allow for the planned unit development, and approval of the site plan as a conditional use.

The companies are proposing to start construction on June 1.

Crown Property Holdings (dba Tapestry Companies) has set up a purchase agreement with Maplewood Lodging LLC to buy the former motel property on 8.24 acres at 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway. The former motel site has about 240 rooms. Crown Property Holdings/Tapestry Companies wants to build 70-78 apartment units and 12-14 townhomes on the site through a combination of both renovation and new construction. Most of the commercial common area of the existing building will be torn down, and the former commercial area will be redeveloped for accessibility and common amenities, including a clubhouse and a park, according to the companies’ application. There will also be garages and storage buildings constructed on the site.

Bevan Properties Inc. owns the 1.7-acre property at 6555 Dean Memorial Parkway, which is now used for legal offices. While this building is "essentially fully occupied," there are tenants that are seeking more office space in Boston Heights, according to the application. There is a plan to build two more office buildings covering about 16,000 square feet at this site.

Jack Brandt, principal of Tapestry Companies LLC., said the former motel property "has some obvious difficulties" with property taxes being "a couple hundred thousand dollars" in arrears.

"I don’t think the current owner of the property has many other alternatives," said Brandt.


Crown Property Holdings/Tapestry Companies wants to close on the purchase of the site at 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway in the first or second quarter of 2020. If that happens, Brandt said his firm would pay off the property taxes and utility fees, "and then redevelop the property."

"We’re proposing to develop kind of a mixed-use project that will include a portion of this land for additional offices," said Brandt. "… We’re proposing to essentially remove much of the commercial common space and the hotel, [and] retrofit/renovate the existing hotel rooms. We’re taking three hotel rooms and converting that into one luxurious, larger unit of about 1,200/1,300/1,400 square feet." 

Brandt added his firm wants to do a "redevelopment into general occupancy housing, some of which would be geared toward seniors because it’s all single-level on the first floor in the renovated units."

Brandt explained his firm would work with Bevan to develop the office buildings and then either work independently or with Bevan to redevelop the hotel site and create the general occupancy rental units.

"I think we could solve a lot of problems with the proper support from the village," said Brandt. "We think it would be a great development, a high-quality development that could stand the test of time."

Reporter Phil Keren can be reached at 330-541-9421,, or on Twitter at @keren_phil.