TWINSBURG TWP. - Trustees approved a policy dealing with the control of parking on township roads at their final meeting of 2019 on Dec. 11.

"This matter was discussed earlier in the year, and some revisions have been made to the initial draft, taking into account statutory requirements and options available to the township," Administrator Rob Kagler said.

The policy outlines roads where parking is prohibited and permitted only on one side. It allows the township to declare a snow emergency and parking ban when snow accumulation exceeds 3 inches or when at least 3 inches of snow are predicted. And it restricts parking of commercial and recreational vehicles.

At all times when a snow emergency is not in effect, parking on township roads where applicable traffic control devices are displayed will be restricted as follows:

None on both sides of Anthony Lane, Bavaria Road, Darien Lane, Boyle Parkway, Enterprise Parkway, Hadden Road, Herrick Road, North Boyle Parkway, Woodland Glade Drive and an unnamed street connecting the west ends of Oxford, Cambridge and Eton streets.

None on the south side of portions of Pine Trails Circle and Spruce Lane that are located in the township.

None on the hydrant side of all other township roads not listed above.

None within 20 feet of any cul-de-sac, roundabout, intersection or other terminus.

Commercial and recreational vehicles are prohibited from parking on a township road, except for loading and/or unloading, and then only for a reasonable period of time.

The above does not apply to vehicles used exclusively for construction or maintenance of nearby property, provided that parking occurs only during hours when construction or other activities are permitted per applicable county regulations.

Recreational vehicles are allowed to park on a township road for a period not to exceed 72 hours (three days) at any one time, and not to exceed 168 hours (seven days) in any calendar year. Connection of any recreational vehicle to power or other utilities while it is parked on a township road is prohibited.

Any vehicle which is not driven or propelled by its own power must remain connected to a towing vehicle at all times while parked on a township road unless notification for an exception is given to the sheriff’s department. Any parked vehicle must face the same direction as vehicles moving in the lane beside it.

Meanwhile, trustees also approved a revised purchasing policy. It was adopted in 2008 and amended a couple of times, and the recent changes were made after studying other area townships’ policies.

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