MACEDONIA – City Council closed out its 2019 schedule of meetings Dec. 12 by approving the 2020 appropriations, which show $12.74 million in the general fund and $24.76 million in all funds.

Council President Jan Tulley said the budget is expected to show a $1.6 million carryover from 2019 to 2020, which is up from a $1.2 million carryover from 2018 to 2019. "We’re slowly increasing our carryover," she said, adding the 2020 budget is still not set in stone.

The largest general fund appropriation is $3.99 million for the fire department, with the police department set at $3.18 million, administrative support at $1.04 million, finance at $898,000 and dispatch at $784,800.

Transfers and advances are set at $2 million in the general fund and $3.15 million in all funds. Finance Director John Veres explained transfers and advances are movements of money which gets spent in the funds they are moved to.

Special revenue appropriations total $5.53 million, including $1.1 million for safety services, $1.83 million for street construction, maintenance and repair and $512,600 for parks and recreation.

Other appropriations include the following: debt service, $2.02 million; capital projects, $3.74 million (plus $806,500 in transfers and advances); and non-budgetary funds, $427,900.

The major categories and appropriations under capital projects are capital improvements, $1.51 million; the road program, $1.56 million; and Summit Pointe tax increment financing, $650,000.

Veres explained work on the 2020 budget, which he called "conservative," started during the summer. "It’s good to have the budget wrapped up heading into the new year," he added.

In other matters, Mayor Nick Molnar announced work on the men’s section of the Macedonia Family Recreation Center should be completed by year’s end. He praised the fire department for its annual Santa’s gift delivery, and the service department and IT director for doing a "great job" with the Dec. 8 holiday tree lighting.

After receiving several inquiries about an increase in trash/recycling rates, Molnar encouraged residents to check the city’s website for more information about the hike.

He said he is still working to improve communications with residents. In light of a city police officer being struck by a car recently, he stressed the importance of individuals not being distracted while driving.

Molnar started a new recognition program by presenting a proclamation to resident Mike Borgos honoring his 70th birthday. The mayor said individuals and groups are eligible for recognition, and presentations will take place each month at a Council meeting. Details about how to nominate a person or group are available on the city’s website.

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