TALLMADGE – A new council member will be sworn in Dec. 17 after narrowly beating out the incumbent by one vote.

After a recount, the official winner of the Ward 3 Council seat is Jonathon D. Bollas who won with 500 votes over incumbent Mary Tricaso, who had 499 votes.

The final and official results from Summit County Board of Elections showed Bollas with 488 votes to Tricaso’s 483. The vote counts from Portage County, where a precinct is included in the ward, were 16 for Tricaso and 12 for Bollas, totaling 499 for Tricaso and 500 for Bollas, making him the winner.

Bollas and Tricaso said the election was a rollercoaster ride.

"At one point I was up one vote and then down one vote and had to go through the recount and wait for all of that," Tricaso said.

Bollas said the recount was "eye-opening" as they did the hand count and validated the results.

"It says how important it is to vote," Bollas said. "Every vote counts, especially in local races."

Tricaso said she values her time on council where there was always something new to accomplish.

"I was happy with my time on council and enjoyed working with the administration," Tricaso said. "They're a great group of people."

Tricaso praised the community where she has roots.

"I bought my parent's home where I grew up and want to continue to serve," she said. "I was on council six years to give back to the community I grew up in, and I did that. I want to continue to give back and find options to serve."

In the future, Tricaso said, she will look at other avenues to grow the community, especially in economic development.

Bollas said he wants to offer the city an inclusive voice and get the citizens in the whole city more engaged in the process.

"I want to give residents more information and visibility to what future plans are and bring their voice to Council," Bollas said. "I want to try to eliminate surprises. We open the newspaper and are not aware of specific topics going on. I want to be more transparent."

Bollas would like to establish a future roadmap for the next three to five years showing where the city is going. 

"We want to grow but we want to keep the quaint residential feel of Tallmadge," Bollas said. "That’s a delicate balance."

He would like to see empty store fronts filled and make economic development a priority but protect residential areas.

"I’m excited to join Council and work for the people," he added.

Gannett reporter Laura Freeman can be reached at 330-541-9434 or lfreeman@recordpub.com