Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Cuyahoga Falls —

Dog at large

Man bitten on arm: A 2nd Street man, 27, was cited with first-degree misdemeanor dog at large after a Kent man reported that the 2nd Street man’s dog ran at him, knocked him down and bit him on the arm while he was behind a neighboring home at about 4 p.m. Dec. 6. Police said the Kent man did not require medical attention.


Woman scammed: A Cuyahoga Falls woman reported Dec. 5 that she purchased gift cards totaling $1,000 in value and gave the serial numbers to an unidentified person who claimed to work for an economic development agency and that if she did so, she would receive $95,000 in return. The woman said all but $2 had been spent.

Donation boxes broken into: A Cuyahoga Falls police officer reported discovering while on patrol during the early evening Dec. 4 that someone broke into two donation boxes outside a Howe Avenue store and apparently stole an unknown amount of clothing from them. Police said the boxes and a nearby fence were damaged, but a police report did not include a damage estimate.

Catalytic converter stolen: A 2nd Street man reported someone stole his vehicle’s catalytic converter while the vehicle was parked outside his home early in the morning Dec. 2. Police said the replacement cost was estimated at $550.

Thefts reported at Natatorium: Police responded to the city’s Natatorium on Fourth Street after four Cuyahoga Falls men reported thefts in late November and early December.

Two men reported they were victims of theft while they were in the sauna during the evening Dec. 1. One man reported credit and bank cards were stolen from his wallet, which was in an unlocked locker, and were used to make more than $300 in purchases. The second man reported his approximately $400 cell phone was stolen from an unlocked locker.

A man reported someone stole his approximately $200 cell phone from his backpack during the evening Nov. 30 and another man reported someone stole his wallet from an unlocked locker during the early evening Nov. 29. Police said the wallet and contents were valued at about $70 and someone used two credit/bank cards in the wallet to make purchases of unspecified amounts.

Criminal damaging

Car struck with blocks: An Oakwood Avenue man reported Dec. 1 that someone caused an estimated $500 in damages to his car by striking it on the roof and side with several landscaping blocks while the car was parked outside a Victor Avenue home during the night or morning.

Criminal mischief

Items thrown onto lawn: A Beech Street woman reported Nov. 30 that someone threw several dozen rocks, a wooden post, and a dead squirrel onto her front lawn during the previous five days.