CUYAHOGA FALLS — The city’s $182.3 million spending plan for 2020 includes money earmarked for multiple infrastructure projects. 

"This budget has an intentional focus on upgrading and replacing infrastructure throughout the city; water lines, electric system components, and storm sewers," said Mayor Don Walters. "The $2.75 million in street paving is the highest amount ever spent in the history of the city."

An additional $500,000 was added for asphalt street paving to bring the total to $2.75 million.

The budget includes a water line replacement schedule, multiple storm water projects, and electric infrastructure upgrades such as construction of a second delivery point for power into the city. The completion of the new Fire Station 3 on Portage Trail is slated for next year. The budget also includes planned improvements for the relocation of 100 jobs that the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board will bring to the city in 2020. The city is making "substantial investments" in park upgrades, including a renovation of Lions Park Lodge, according to a city news release.

Council member Tim Gorbach (At Large) on Monday noted some highlights of the 2020 budget:

• An estimated $1 million of additional gas tax will be used for three laborers in the street department, and to provide more money for both  the city’s pavement program ($500,000) and more funds for the concrete program ($300,000);

• The community development department will oversee master plans for the intersection of Portage Trail and Northampton Road, and for a large area in the valley;

• New software will allow the parks and recreation department to broaden its program offerings, including more adaptive and inclusive curriculums. By transferring a few positions from the building and grounds department, the parks and recreation department can use its position to utilize current efficiencies in the operations of the pavilion and amphitheater.

A look at the numbers

The expected carryover at the end of 2019 is $5.087 million in the general fund and $36.077 million in all funds. The overall anticipated expenses for 2020 are roughly $182.3 million. In 2020, general fund revenues are forecasted to be around $35.05 million with general fund expenses budgeted at $36.29 million. The anticipated carryover at the end of 2020 is $5.53 million for the general fund and $35.461 million for all funds.

Gorbach said the city’s debt "remains historically low."

"At the end of 2013 the city had [a] total debt of $38.145 million," said Gorbach. "Including additions this year, the city’s total debt is $32.005 million and is projected at under $30 million by the end of 2020."

Reporter Phil Keren can be reached at 330-541-9421,, or on Twitter at @keren_phil.