HUDSON — One era in city government history has ended and another chapter is about to begin.

The mayor recently bid farewell to his colleagues and gave special recognition to three legislators who were completing their terms.

Mayor Dave Basil was defeated in his re-election bid by Craig Shubert on Nov. 5. Shubert started his term as mayor on Dec. 3.

The mayor runs the city council meetings and Basil oversaw his final council meeting on Nov. 19.

Council President Bill Wooldredge (At Large) presented a proclamation to Basil thanking him for his service as mayor, as well as a council and planning commission member.

"David, you’ve been a friend, someone I’ve looked to for advice," said Wooldredge. "I really respect you for all you’ve done. I really appreciate what you’ve done for the city of Hudson."

After receiving the proclamation and a standing ovation from the council members, Basil noted that "words have meaning, but sometimes they are simply inadequate. This is likely one of those occasions."

He noted that the chance to serve the city in various positions for the last two decades had been a "singular honor and privilege."

"I have been blessed with the great, good fortune to work with exemplary city staff and fellow volunteers," said Basil.

He noted a spirit of volunteerism is on display throughout Hudson that "sets it apart from most other communities…and is, in my opinion, the foundational source of our greatness."

In his time serving the city, Basil said he’s received "invaluable" guidance from both city staff members and citizens, and thanked them for that support.

"I feel I have received more than I contributed to this town," said Basil. "Over 20 years, I have [had] the great, good fortune to develop friendships that I otherwise might not enjoy. The knowledge I have gained of this town, how the threads of our community connect to and strengthen each other and create the remarkable fabric that is Hudson, is priceless, and more than I could hope."

Basil also thanked Clerk of Council Elizabeth Slagle for her work, as well as his wife, Deb, sons Chris and Jonathan, and daughter-in-law Amanda.

He also noted that while much had been accomplished, there was more yet to be done.

"I will leave it to those who follow to continue the pursuit of that excellence and insure that the legacy of this generation of Hudson citizens exceeds its inheritance," said Basil. "Thank you for the opportunity to serve over 20 years."

Basil was also praised by council members Hal DeSaussure (At Large) and Dr. J. Daniel Williams (At Large).

DeSaussure called Basil "a gentleman," and a "consummate professional."

"It’s been an honor serving with you," said DeSaussure.

Williams noted that serving as mayor and on council involves a large time investment.

He told Basil that he would "remember the times we spent together for a long time."

Outgoing council members honored

At the conclusion of the Nov. 19 meeting, Basil presented proclamations to outgoing council members Dennis Hanink (Ward 1), Alex Kelemen (Ward 3) and Lisa Radigan (Ward 2).

Hanink and Kelemen decided against running for re-election this year, while Radigan was defeated in the election by Chris Foster. Radigan was appointed to council earlier this year to fill the seat vacated by Casey Weinstein, who stepped down after winning election to the Ohio State House’s 37th District seat.

Hanink will be replaced by Kate Schlademan and Kelemen will be replaced by Skylar Sutton. The terms for Foster, Schlademan and Sutton also began on Dec. 3.

Basil thanked each member for their service to the community.

"It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve with each of you," said Basil. "You have each served with distinction. Our community is better for your service and I know that you will each continue to be involved and continue to help lead our community to an outstanding future."

Council member Beth Bigham (Ward 4) praised Radigan for the time she spent on council.

"As a mother of young children, I know that it’s a real sacrifice for your family and for your kids," said Bigham. "We are very thankful for that."

Bigham also thanked Hanink and Kelemen for the guidance they provided to her as a member of council.

"You all will be missed," said Bigham.

Bigham concluded with thanking Radigan, Hanink, Kelemen and Basil for the time they’ve spent serving the community.

"It’s phenomenal the sacrifice to families and kids, and just your life, but you all do it with such zeal and we truly appreciate it," said Bigham.

Wooldredge told Hanink, Kelemen and Radigan that "we haven’t always agreed, but I must say I think everybody’s been respectful and civil and I really appreciate that. I think there’s been a lot of great work that’s been done here on council."

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