"The Queen and I: Colonial Williamsburg History Revisited," a presentation recently shared with the Aurora Study Club by Thomas Shrout, former director of public affairs and communications for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, outlined many details from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip’s visit to historic Williamsburg, Va.

Strout oversaw media coverage arrangements and helped plan the queen’s visit to Williamsburg in observance of the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, Va., the first English settlement in North America.

He was also in charge of media arrangements there when the Tom Hanks' movie "John Adams," starring Paul Giamatti, was being filmed and shared many slides of the film under production.

Prior to his work for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Shrout served as associate vice president of public affairs and director of university communications at Case Western Reserve University. While at Case, he arranged for Ken Burns to be the commencement speaker.

For more information, contact Shrout at thomasrshrout@gmail.com.