Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —


Woman is a relative: Police said stopping to investigate two vehicles parked outside a Park Ridge Drive home during the early afternoon Oct. 28 determined from the homeowners that a woman present at the home was their daughter and she had permission to be there. The residents had asked police to check the home periodically while they were away on vacation.Theft

Phone stolen at park: A Kent woman reported Oct. 21 that someone stole her approximately $600 cell phone from Munroe Falls Metro Park since the day before.

— Stow —


Package stolen from home: A woman reported Oct. 12 that someone stole a package containing a toy of unspecified value after it was delivered outside her home in Gorge Park Boulevard’s 1800 block the day before. The woman said the company that sent the package requested she file a police report so that it could replace the item.

Phone taken from car: A Cuyahoga Falls man reported someone stole his cell phone of unspecified value from his unlocked car while it was in the parking lot of a store in Hudson Drive’s 3500 block during the afternoon Oct. 11.

Equipment stolen from truck: The owner of a business in Hampshire Road’s 800 block reported Oct. 10 that someone took two power washers and other tools and equipment totaling about $4,500 in value from a work truck while it was parked outside the business since the day before. A police report did not say whether there was forced entry.

Bike stolen from driveway: A woman reported seeing an unknown person steal a bicycle of unspecified value from her driveway during the late afternoon Oct. 9. Police said they checked the area, but were unable to find the person or bicycle.

Criminal damaging

Car scratched and scuffed: A Sudbury Road woman reported Oct. 10 that someone left scratches and scuff marks on all of her car’s body panels while the car was parked near her apartment in a lot in Echo Valley Drive’s 2400 block during the previous few days. The woman then reported Oct. 13 that someone left additional scratches on the vehicle while it was parked on the street in Echo Valley’s 2400 block during the previous couple of days. Police reports did not include damage estimates.

Car window smashed: A Hudson man reported someone smashed his vehicle’s driver door window while the vehicle was in the parking lot of a restaurant in Darrow Road’s 4500 block during the late morning or early afternoon Oct. 9. A police report did not include a damage estimate.


Woman reports scam: A Stow woman reported Oct. 9 that someone sent her a fraudulent check that was supposed to compensate her for having advertising placed on her vehicle. Police said it was a scam, but the woman did not suffer a monetary loss.