TALLMADGE — A developer has withdrawn a request for rezoning to commercial on an East Avenue parcel and is continuing with the approved Tallmadge Reserve residential development.

A letter was sent to the city to withdraw the request, following a meeting Monday with Mayor David Kline and Tallmadge Reserve Development Co. LLC, the owner and developer of 103.6 acres formerly known as Ripley Farm on East Avenue. The application was to amend a parcel of about 10 acres from R6 to C3, which would have allowed "a variety of retail, service and administrative establishments" to be built along East Avenue..

"Due to unresolved issues pertaining to development of the Ripley Farm, we will be withdrawing our retail and revised proposed residential development of Tallmadge Reserve," Daniel DeHoff, manager of the Tallmadge Reserve Development Co., wrote in the letter. "We will proceed with the R6 [Residential Open Space Planned Development District] residential plans for Tallmadge Reserve."

Two years ago, Tallmadge Reserve Development went before the zoning board and had the property approved for R6, which is described as "residential open space planned development district" and provides for single-family homes and preserving natural features.

The plans are to build 180 single-family residential homes priced at $300,000 and up on 94 acres of the property. According to the mayor, the sanitary sewer line work has already started on the residential project and future work will include roads, water and sewer lines before construction begins on the houses. The project will include the designation of more than 30 acres of the property as open space.

Following the withdrawal of the request, a community meeting organized by the developers and planned for Wednesday evening was canceled. The rezoning request is also removed from the Nov. 7 planning and zoning meeting.

Washburn Road would be extended north across East Avenue, along with two north-and-south running roads and five east-and-west streets with four cul-de-sacs, according to plans submitted to the planning and zoning department. A trail is planned that would run through the northeast corner where wetlands and open space would be preserved.

DeHoff stated in his letter that the developer "will work with the city on the traffic light at Washburn, the roadway improvements along Tallmadge Road/East Avenue and other elements of the development."