CUYAHOGA FALLS — The southbound entrance ramp to Route 8 from Broad Boulevard was closed early Friday morning while firefighters rescued a man trapped below in the Cuyahoga River, said city spokeswoman Kelli Crawford-Smith.

Crawford-Smith said a call came in that the man was missing down by the river at about 4:15 a.m.

"It took quite awhile to find him," she said. "He was actually on the east side bank of the river by the water. So our fire department had to send our rescue team in…they had to actually send the ropes down and the guys down to rescue the guy and pull him back up."

Crawford-Smith said Cuyahoga Falls EMS took him to Akron City Hospital. Police Capt. Steve Guldeman said the man suffered from a reported minor injury. Little information was available about the man.

"I believe he was up visiting someone at the Sheraton [Suites on Front Street] and had left a party there and somehow found himself down in the Gorge," said Guldeman.

The time the ramp reopened was not immediately available.

"Once he was found, it took quite awhile to rescue him out of there," said Kelli Crawford-Smith, adding, "We’re really proud of our rescue teams because they worked really hard not only just to find him, but also to rescue him out of the water."

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