A foundational change has happened in Aurora – our newspaper editor, Ken Lahmers, has retired.

This is not an exaggeration. Ken was there as so much of life unfolded over the past several decades. He was at my kids’ sports events. He was at the Planning Commission meetings when I got approval to start my small business 19 years ago. He was at the Christmas tree lightings. He seemed to be everywhere, all the time.

Most importantly, he was a true reporter, something that was a rare breed then but is now on the endangered species list. Ken was fair and wrote the truth to the best of his knowledge. You know this is true because no one knows what Ken actually thinks about anything. Really – I even asked him once when a group of parents was trying to save the tee-ball field. He wouldn’t tell me, always seeking to be neutral.

I’ll miss Ken, and not just because we are in the era of even-more-fake-than-yesterday’s news. I’ll miss the comfort of knowing that a man of integrity is writing about our hometown. Thank you Ken, for being a true reporter.

Rita Scott, Aurora