As of last Saturday, the One Fund reached 59.9% of the $67,000 goal. To date, 210 cards were returned out of 9,575 mailed. The business drive accounted for $4,075, and the residential drive accounted for $36,065, for a total of $40,140.

Those who need a pledge card may call the number below to receive a card by mail. Contributions can be mailed to P.O. Box 111, Aurora 44202.

The One Fund, a local community fund, is managed by a group of dedicated public-spirited citizens who are all volunteers. There are no paid executives in this organization. The One Fund has less than a 4% administration cost that covers filing fees, postage and printing cost.

Any questions concerning the Aurora One Fund can be directed to President Ron Burns at 330-562-4157 or Executive Director Joe Kotlin at 330-562-7233.