TALLMADGE – A home always looks better with a fresh coat of paint, new floors and updated furniture.

The Pinnacle Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 330 Southwest Ave. had a grand re-opening Oct. 3 after removing carpet and redoing drywall. They added new floors, fresh paint and colorful artwork of nature photographs. Old furniture in the common areas and outdoor patios was replaced and in the next year, each room will be redone.

Pinnacle opened in 1992 with 50 beds and now has 75, said Executive Director Gerri McGonagle. Pinnacle is 92 percent full.

The previous owner, Consulate Health Care, sold Pinnacle in September 2017 to Northwood Heathcare Group, who authorized the renovations, she said.

"We made the decision for improvements and to stay and be competitive," McGonagle said.

"It’s a great facility and fills a need in the community," said Mayor David Kline. "The rehab is a great service they provide to transfer someone from hospital to home with the goal to go home."

The 75-bed facility has a pulmonary rehabilitation program that serves acute respiratory failure, chronic respiratory failure, respiratory insufficiency, pneumonia, COPD, CHF, Asthma and more. Respiratory therapists wean patients from oxygen devices.

At Pinnacle, 25 beds are for short-term rehabilitation and 50 are long-term care, said Jessica Butt, regional director of business development. Pinnacle offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy seven days a week.

A single room has a bed, chair, dresser, wardrobe, TV, its own bathroom, some with a regular tub and some with step-in tubs. A semi-private room has two beds, Butt said.

There is a central lounge and outdoor area, Butt said. The building has one long hallway so staff can see patients when they leave their rooms and know what is going on along the length of the building, Butt said.

McGonagle said construction work began in January and was completed in the common areas at the end of August.

"They are doing two rooms at a time so they don’t disrupt the patients," McGonagle said. "There are 41 patient rooms and it will take probably a year to complete all the rooms."

The average stay for rehab is 4 to 6 weeks. Many patients have hip or knee replacements, she said.

Long-term patients range from mid-50s to 90s in age, McGonagle said. They can’t do the activities of daily living by themselves or they have dementia.

The number of staff varies from day to day but 10 to 12 patients are assigned to a nursing assistant and 20 to 25 patients are assigned to a nurse.

Karen Rector, state tested nursing assistant, medical records, and central supply, began working at the Pinnacle in June 1993, making her its longest-term employee. She said she likes the improvements.

"My goal is to make a patient's stay as pleasant as possible," Rector said. "Whether they stay long-term or want to get well and go home."

Rector wants to make each patient happy.

"I know what they like and don’t like," Rector said. "It’s good to make life as pleasant as possible."

The Pinnacle can be reached at 330-633-0555.

Reporter Laura Freeman can be reached at 330-541-9434 or lfreeman@recordpub.com