HUDSON — Residents can look forward to two different $4 million projects which will include the addition of designated left turn lanes along portions of state Route 91 (Main Street).

Design work is finished on a plan to add designated left turn lanes in each direction along state Route 91 (or North Main Street) from Brandywine Drive to Middleton Road. The turn lanes will be installed along 91 at Valley View Road, Herrick Park Drive, and Hines Hill Road. Other improvements on this 1.24-mile stretch of 91 include the addition of bike lanes on both sides of the road, a sidewalk on the east side, new lighting at the intersections and an improved storm sewer system that will "capture, manage and carry runoff out of the area," said city spokesperson Jody Roberts.

The total cost of this planned improvement is $4.3 million; of that amount, $3.025 million is being paid for by ODOT Surface Transportation Funds and Urban Paving Funds. The city will pay for the remaining expense with general fund money, said Roberts, who added the work is scheduled to happen next year.

"The project…is designed to improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, provide better access for pedestrians and bicyclists, improve stormwater drainage and improve the long-term condition of the pavement," said Roberts.

This project also will include the design and installation of the city of Akron’s new water line along 91 from Herrick Park Drive to Middleton Road. Roberts said Akron has finished putting in the water line and is now working on bolt replacements which are expected to be finished in the fall. Akron is paying for 100 percent of the design and construction for the new water main. 

Land being secured for project

To secure space for the project, the city is acquiring rights of way for small strips of land abutting the road. 

Roberts said there are approximately 48 parcels ranging in size from 0.001 acre to 0.186 acres that the city needs to obtain through either a permanent acquisition or a temporary easement. A permanent acquisition is needed for infrastructure work such as sidewalks or storm sewers, while a temporary easement is necessary for areas that are being graded and would last about three years, according to Roberts.

"Each parcel is appraised for fair market value, and the property owner receives payment for the strip of land being acquired," said Roberts.About 27 of the 48 parcels have been acquired so far, and Roberts added the city is still in discussions with the remaining property owners. 

Another turn lane project eyed on South Main Street

Work is also planned to improve 91 (or South Main Street) from Barlow Road to Stoney Hill Drive. The project will include a center two-way left turn lane throughout this section of roadway, 5-foot bike lanes, sidewalks, resurfacing, widening, traffic signal upgrades, storm sewer improvements, and repair to heaving shoulders.

Roberts noted this stretch of South Main "has had multiple rear-end and left-turn collisions over the past three years."

She explained the city received Ohio Safety Fund and Congestive Mitigation Air Quality grants through AMATS that will cover 80 percent of the $4.1 million cost of the project. The remaining amount will be paid through the city’s general fund. The project was originally supposed to occur from state Route 303 to Barlow, but the boundaries were narrowed after city officials met with residents in the area, according to Roberts. She noted residents did not want the turn lanes put in further north along 91.

The start date for this project has not been determined, according to Roberts.

Reporter Phil Keren can be reached at 330-541-9421,, or on Twitter at @keren_phil.