St. Barnabas Catholic Church has appointed Coeli Ingold as Director of Music Ministry.

As the new Director, Ingold will play an active role in elevating the experience of worship at St. Barnabas, and help raise the minds and hearts of over 3,000 faithful families. She will be responsible for planning and leading sacred music at weekend and Holy Day liturgies, as well as working with the school to evangelize over four hundred students through the beauty and inspiration of sacred music, one of God’s profound creations.

Coeli joins the St. Barnabas parish family after a successful term at St. Mary Church of the Immaculate Conception in Bedford. It was there that Ingold, in the position of Music Director, planned and executed music for several notable liturgies, including two Installations of a Pastor(presided by Bishop Lennon and Bishop Perez).

During her successful six years with St. Mary, she also oversaw the Funeral Vespers and Mass for former pastor, Fr. Dan Begin. For those celebrations, she was in command of the combined music ministries of two separate churches, as well as a standing room only congregation of priests, religious, and parishioners. She has actively participated in Catholic liturgy for over 25 years, starting as a cantor for the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, a post she still enjoys today. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from The Cleveland Institute of Music, with a Secondary Major in Piano. She also has a Master’s Degree in Performance Practice from Case Western Reserve.

Beyond her degrees, she has had the wonderful experience of Operatic Studies with Andrew Foldi of the Metropolitan Opera, and advanced Vocal Studies with renowned singing master, Julianne Baird.

Coeli, whose name in Latin means Heaven, plays the organ, piano, harpsichord and any other keyboard instruments that are most helpful for when working with singers and aiding parishioners in the regular worship or Our Risen Lord.

"The Director of Music Ministry is instrumental in facilitating right worship," said Fr. Matt Byrne, adding the director is "not an entertainer, not a performer, but striving always to lead God’s people in sung worship, the music minister must be passionate about the Catholic, liturgical tradition."

Coeli said she is pleased with the reception she has received.

"God has blessed me greatly with this beautiful, welcoming, and vibrant community at St. Barnabas," she said. "Everyone here — from priests, teachers, and staff to each and every parishioner — has been so warm and encouraging during my first couple of weeks here. I am very excited about leading are worshipping faithful in sung prayer, as we proclaim the Good News and lift our minds, hearts, and voices to God!"

Coeli lives in Walton Hills with her husband, Louis Gangale, a professional clarinetist, and daughter, Christina. Her hobbies include glorifying God by actively seeking beauty in His natural surroundings: she is an avid amateur naturalist and bird photographer. Those on campus will soon recognize her by the camera bag she carries with her most everywhere.

At St. Barnabas, in addition to her liturgical duties, Coeli will also oversee the training of cantors, conduct the various choirs, plan and execute weddings, and assist at all funerals. She is excited to be part of a parish who believes, as Byrne says,, "Music can get us out of the ordinary so that we can enter into the extraordinary, the life-giving exchange with the God of Creation."

"The primary task of the Director of Music Ministry is to ensure that every Eucharistic liturgy facilitates an effective and transformative encounter with God," Byrne added. "This undertaking requires not only a true understanding of, but also a love for, the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and its sacred celebrations, something I know Coeli Ingold possesses. I invite you to visit us at our Church and attend one of our Masses."

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