MACEDONIA — The orange road construction barrels in the city are pretty much gone for the year.

City Engineer Joe Gigliotti said Friday that except for repaving Valley View Road between Twinsburg and Highland Roads, an approximately $880,000 project, the city’s 2019 road program is done. Even Valley View, he said, is partially completed. With the surface asphalt ground down to form a new under layer in late July, all that remains is resurfacing the road with new asphalt. He did not have an exact date for when this would be done, but he does not expect it to take long.

"I would say that in the next month, we anticipate installing the final asphalt surface," said Gigliotti, adding that in the meantime, the road can be driven on and is completely open to traffic.

Other road repaving projects were completed largely in July or early August, said Gigliotti. These include on Florence, Wiltshire and Saybrook drives, Chenook and Blackfeet trails, Chenook Run, and portions of Melody and Pond Brook lanes and Skyland Drive at a total cost of about $1.66. million.

The city pays for its road program out of funds raised from a 0.25-percent local income tax increase voters approved in 2017 and funds it receives from its share of the state’s gas tax. The city is estimated to receive about $490,000 this year from the gas tax and, thanks to a 10.5-cent per gallon increase state lawmakers approved and Gov. Mike DeWine signed earlier this year, an estimated $800,000 next year. In addition, said Gigliotti, the Ohio Public Works Commission awarded the city a 90-percent, zero-interest loan to pay for the Valley View Road project, a separate contract from the rest of the road program. The terms of the loan requires the city to pay 10 percent or about $88,000 upfront and the remainder over 20 years.

Mayor Nick Molnar said in April that the city was able to fund up to $1.9 million this year for roads. By comparison, road program budgets earlier in the 2000s were typically more in the $500,000 range, with city officials saying at the time that they believed the budgets should be double that.

"Macedonia is getting right back on track in terms of our infrastructure," Molnar said previously, adding that with an estimated $30 million in projects that need to be done, the city could use even more money.

Gigliotti said the city has applied for OPWC funding to repave nearly 2,000 feet of Highland Road from South Bedford Road to Empire Parkway next year, with the hope of either receiving a grant to pay for half the approximately $440,000 estimated cost or a loan of a little over $300,000.

"We won’t know for a few more months, at least, probably sometime over the winter, if the city is awarded those outside funds to help pave Highland Road," he said.

As for the rest of the 2020 road program, Gigliotti said what roads will be included has not yet been determined.

"It’s still a bit to early to formulate a list of roads for repaving next year," he said. "That usually happens later in the year."

Reporter Jeff Saunders can be reached at 330-541-9431, or @JeffSaunders_RP.