MACEDONIA — Interstate 271 was shut down on both sides of the highway north of Route 8 for approximately four hours early Friday morning after a northbound semi truck crashed through concrete barriers in the construction zone, Police Chief Jon Golden said Friday morning.

Golden said the driver "went airborne" through large concrete barriers separating the construction area from traffic just after midnight.

"I don’t know if he made it completely into the southbound side, but he was at least in the median," Golden said. "Both sides were shut down because concrete from the jersey barriers went everywhere. There were big chunks of concrete everywhere."

Golden said the crash occurred as the truck driver was trying to change lanes.

"He clipped a car," said Golden. "He went to change lanes and there was a car there and he over corrected and he lost control."

Golden said there were no reported injuries, though he believes the truck driver was taken to a hospital for observation as a precaution.

"My understanding is he was talking and everything was fine," he said.

Golden said he expects there will be charges or citations filed against the truck driver, but he does not know yet what they will be. The highway remained closed until it could be cleaned up with the assistance of the Ohio Department of Transportation construction contractor, said Golden.

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