TWINSBURG — Once children and teens race from the school buildings on the last day of school and head towards the joy of summer vacation, that’s when the Twinsburg City School district’s maintenance and janitorial crews swing into high gear.

The first day of the 2019-20 school year is Aug. 21.

One fun project the Twinsburg district completed was renovating the gyms at the middle school and high school, said Superintendent Kathryn Powers. A detail students may pick up on is the repainting of the school mascot, the Twinsburg Tiger. The tigers were repainted "Twinsburg Blue," or reflex blue, to match the school colors.

"The reflex blue matches everything else," Powers said.

Chad Welker, business manager, said another big project was a $42,000 renovation of the district’s bus garage.

"We did the whole building envelope," Welker said. "The roofing and siding were done."

"The bus garage was in need of some love," Powers added.

Welker said the roof on the north wing of R.B. Chamberlin school will be repaired, which will cost about $169,000.

"The roofing project is on track and will be completed before the first day of school," Powers said.

The roofs of the other districts will be evaluated to gauge their condition, Powers said.

Welker said the roofs are checked using an infrared scanner to measure the dryness of the roof,the scan taken by helicopter. This shows what needs replaced. Welker added the district last did the scan in 2016.

"The results of the thermal graphic study will be analyzed to update our information about our roofs and how they are progressing over time," Powers said.

The district also has bus evaluations each year, starting in April and May, Welker said. All buses have been checked and have passed.

The district also recently purchased three new buses, Welker said.

"We have a 10-year replacement cycle," he said. "That’s the recommended time on a bus."

Welker said the district "went through a comprehensive evaluation of our facilities." This check included evaluations of features such as the HVAC systems, electric and plumbing.

Also during the summer is routine cleaning of the interior of the schools and classrooms, Welker said. This includes cleaning and examining the classroom equipment and waxing the floors. The school staff includes a maintenance supervisor, two maintenance workers, and two groundskeepers. The staff also includes a head custodian at each of the schools, plus an assistant custodian, a night custodian and five janitors at the high school; a night custodian and three janitors and both the middle school and the intermediate school; and a night custodian plus two janitors at the elementary school and the primary school.

The maintenance crew was assisted by six students hired on for the summer, ranging from 10th grade "to a student in college, but who came back for the summer.

"They help with the grounds and maintenance, and are a nice part of the team," Welker said.

The job opportunity for these students is a win win for them and the district, Powers said.

"It’s a great opportunity for them to have a job," Powers said. "For some, it’s their first job."

Reporter April Helms can be reached at 330-541-9423,, or @AprilKHelms_RPC