Stow City Council will meet at 7 tonight to review a proposed charter change regarding pay raises for elected officials.

Council will discuss legislation which, if approved, would send an issue to the November ballot asking voters to change the charter to require voters to approve all pay raises for elected officials. It would also include a provision preventing council from passing a pay cut for elected officials in the 75-day period after each municipal election in November.

Councilman Mike Rasor (At Large) said council will convene to give a second reading to the legislation on Wednesday and will then give a third reading to the measure at its regular meeting on Thursday. Rasor said he expects council to then vote on whether it will put the issue on the November ballot.

The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is Sept. 6, but Rasor said council will go on its summer recess after Thursday’s meeting. Its next meeting would not be until Sept. 12.

The initial proposal discussed by council in July would have asked voters to amend the charter to only allow voters to approve pay raises for elected officials that exceeded cost of living raises given to other city employees. Since then, Rasor decided to propose a new version in which voters would have the opportunity to green-light all pay hikes for elected officials.

The charter currently says council shall establish the pay levels of council, mayor, finance director and law director for the next term no later than May 1 of an election year. It also states that the compensation levels of the mayor, finance director and law director "may be increased, but not decreased, by council within such term."

Rasor is seeking to replace this language with the proposal to require voter approval of elected officials’ pay raises.

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