AURORA — A request for side yard variances for a new residence at 300 N. Bissell Road may be on the board of zoning appeals’ Aug. 15 agenda. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

Kim Cahaus, the potential future owner of the property now owned by Lord Properties LLC, asked the panel to postpone her request when it was first considered July 10.

Because only three of the five panelists attended the July session, approval of the request would have required all three attending to vote "yes," and all indicated they were inclined to turn down the request.

Cahaus explained the property measures 53 feet wide by 450 feet long, and variances were granted in 2015 to allow a home to be 8 feet from the side property lines instead of the code-required 15 feet.

The previous variances expired when the project did not move forward after one year, and Cahaus is asking the panel to grant the same variances again.

Cahaus explained the real estate agent told her the variances were in place to build on the parcel, but she was later informed they had expired.

A home which once stood on the property was demolished, and Cahaus said she plans to build a French Normandy-style home further back than where the previous house was located.

She said she is aware that she must have the previous septic system removed, and indicated another reason she would like to build further back on the lot is to remediate that situation.

Neighboring property owners Doug and Kelly Cox said they are not in favor of the variances, and it was noted the neighbors on the other side of the property also were not in favor.

They oppose the positioning of the proposed house further back on the property. The Coxes said the demolished home was positioned in line with those on either side of the property.

It was confirmed that homes on either side of the property are about 50 feet from the front property line. City officials said as long as Cahaus conforms to the front and rear setbacks, she could position a home anywhere within the building portion of the lot.

Panelist Therese Fennell asked if Cahaus could revise the plans and request smaller variances, but Cahaus said it would  be impossible with the plans she has chosen. Cahaus said she would be receptive to erecting a privacy fence on both sides of the lot.


The board granted two variances to Jesse Busby of 1270 E. Garfield Road, which would allow construction of a 2,400-square-foot accessory structure with a 23-foot height.

Busby plans to build a 40-by-60-foot pole barn to store his cars, lawn mowers and other items in a covered space. 

The city’s building code permits a structure of only 2,000 square feet with a 15-foot height. Five neighbors surrounding the property did not object to the building.

The panel also granted variances to Joseph Kozsey of 940 Moneta Ave. that would allow a 750-square-foot accessory structure with a 3-foot side yard setback.

The city code limits a structure in this zoning district to 576 square feet, with a minimum setback of 6 feet. 

Kozsey explained he plans to replace a storage building that was destroyed by fire, and will erect a slightly smaller building in the same spot.