Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Thefts: An East Boulevard woman reported July 17 that after being away from her home for two weeks, she returned to find an air conditioner missing. Her car also had been entered and a box full of legal papers was missing. Police said there were no signs of illegal entry, and no estimate of the loss was given.

A South Chillicothe Road woman reported July 19 that $100 was missing from an envelope she had in a drawer in her home, and a clock from her kitchen also was missing. No value of the loss was given. The woman was unsure of the timeframe when the items went missing.

Harassment: A Timberlane woman reported July 19 she has received several calls from an unknown number. When she answered one of the calls, a person cursed and made lewd requests. She did not recognize the voice and the caller did not identify him/herself. No threats of physical harm were made. Police advised her to consider changing her number.

Property damage: An Eaton Drive woman reported July 18 that the top glass panel of her storm door was broken out. An officer surmised it could have been from a rock that kicked up when her yard was being mowed. She said she would contact the homeowners association.

Illegal solicitation: Officers responded July 20 to a report of a solicitor without a permit on South Sussex Court. The man was contacted and said his supervisor told him a permit was issued but had not been picked up yet. No record was found of the organization applying for or receiving a permit. He was given a summons for soliciting without a permit.

Disputes: An Aurora man was charged with domestic violence July 22 after a verbal argument with his wife turned physical on Hilliary Lane. Police said the man tried to lock his wife out of the house, pushed her out of a doorway, twisted her right hand backward, slammed the door on her arm and pushed his weight against it. Police said there were visible marks on the woman’s upper arm and wrist. The man was taken to the Portage County Jail.

Officers were called July 21 to North Aurora Road for a report of a domestic dispute. A Cincinnati woman and a Kentucky man, who are brother and sister, were believed to be intoxicated and had an argument. No signs of physical violence were detected, and all parties were warned to stay away from each other for the remainder of the evening.

Police reported July 19 that two Aurora men got into a verbal altercation on Bryce Avenue regarding loud music playing from one of their vehicles. One of the men punched the other’s vehicle and put a dent near the trunk area. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and the one that punched the car was charged with criminal mischief.

Possible fraud: Officers were called July 21 to a North Chillicothe Road bank when a white female tried to cash a check for $2,400 by providing an Oregon driver’s license. Upon questioning, the woman was unable to answer and left the premises. Officers checked the area, but could not locate the woman. A bank official said the bank had received an email that a white female has tried to pass as another person at other banks.

Arrow causes alarm: A Greenbriar Drive woman reported July 20 that she found a small arrow (about 6 inches long) sticking out of a tree on her property. A neighbor was contacted and said she or her children did not own a weapon that would fire such an object. No other arrows were located. The object was collected as evidence and a special watch was placed on the residence.