Once children and teens race from the school buildings on the last day of school and head towards the joy of summer vacation, that’s when the Cuyahoga Falls City School district’s maintenance and janitorial crews swing into high gear.

"This is our cram time," said Aaron Woodard, lead maintenance with the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. "This is where we get to the classrooms, while people are out."

Three sections of the high school roof and three sections of the Silver Lake Elementary school roof are scheduled to be done, Woodard said.

The parking lot at Preston Elementary School also will be worked on. This was a larger project than anticipated, said Joseph Bagatti, director of business and operations.

"Preston’s 2017 parking lot estimate was $60,000," Bagatti said. "This included a mill and resurface only. After core samples were taken this spring and analyzed, it was determined a total tear out and full replacement was needed. There is additional architectural, engineering, ADA design, labor and material costs involved in the total tear out. The cost of the Preston lot today is $187,000. There are other unit prices that will affect the final price."

Bagatti said the roof work done at the high school and Silver Lake Elementary will cost a combined $722,158.

Also need to continue doing scans on the roofs of other schools, see which ones need the most attention. The middle school is a different situation, pending the prospective bond issue that may be on the November ballot. "Those buildings could be replaced, depending on the bond issue."

The project list and budget is "fluid, always changing," Bagatti said. "A homeowner may plan to replace a roof, but then their furnace gives out. So, they replace the furnace and the roof waits."

Parking lot work at Richardson and Preston is $394,500 total. "This is the cost if nothing else is needed," Bagatti added. In addition, there will be pothole fill and repair at all the parking lots, this will cost about $12,000 to $15,000. "It’s based on how much material we go through."

Another major project with the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools a new boiler for the high school. The maximum bid was $131,476, which includes the boiler, labor, professional services and administrative fees.

Woodard said one particular challenge this year has been maintaining the grounds maintenance due to an unusually wet June.

"It’s a struggle to keep up," Woodard said.

The grounds include the stadiums, which includes reseeding the fields and cleaning under the bleacher, Woodard said. Around 100 tons of top soil will be brought in just for the varsity football field, or about four truck loads.

"We try to fill in the low spots," Woodard added. "It doesn’t go as far as you might think."

Another item includes work orders from the school staff, Woodard said. This can include anything from a request to repair a broken window, an HVAC issue, or plumbing in the bathroom.

"We have 70-ish work orders right now on just small plumbing jobs," Woodard said. "The electrician probably has 50 to 60 work orders. We have someone who spends 100 percent of his time on electrical."

In addition, the school district staff will send "a wish list of things they would like to see done at their building," Woodard said.

"We try to meet a couple of them," Woodard said. "The budget restricts some things. They would all like to get new carpet."

This can include shingle replacement, installing dry erase boards and new floor mats, Woodard said.

Once the last student has left for the summer, the custodians "hit the ground running," Bagatti said.

"They are cleaning, stripping and waxing the classrooms, shampooing the carpets, they turn the desks over to scrape the gum off," Bagatti said. "Every piece of furniture should be touched."

In addition to cleaning, 40 gallons of paint will be ordered for the district for touch up work at all the buildings, Bagatti said.

"Sherwin Williams has a color called ‘Cuyahoga Falls Beige,’" Woodard said. "That’s our color."

The school district’s 24 buses also need to be maintained.

"They get a total cleaning," Bagatti said. "Then a couple of days in June, State Troopers will come out and inspect them."

The first day beck for the faculty is Aug. 14, and the first day back for students is Aug. 15, Bagatti said.

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