TWINSBURG — The Twinsburg Historical Society has officially launched its campaign to raise funds for improvements at the Moses Roach house on Twinsburg Township Square.

Historical Society President Andy Tomko said the group recently sent out more about 950 letters to  businesses in Twinsburg, Reminderville and Twinsburg Township, plus its membership, asking for donations for the restoration.

"The fundraising goal is $100,000, and we already have raised $30,000 thanks to the help of the Rotary Club, which conducted a spaghetti dinner, our barn sale and several private donations," said Tomko.

The historical society has two years to make repairs required by the city for the group to maintain ownership of the house, which is occupied by the Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce.

"Two of the seven major repairs have been made, while a wheelchair ramp will be built and work will be done on the north foundation and wall in August," said Tomko. 

He added the ramp project will be completed thanks to the generosity of the local United Auto Workers union at Ford Motor Co. It is expected that the ramp and wall/foundation work will take about a week.

Tomko said anyone who would like to donate but did not receive a request via the U.S. mail can send a check to the society at Box 7, Twinsburg 44087 or donate online at Donations are 100% tax-deductible.

The Roach house, built in 1873, was saved from the wrecking ball in 1998, when the city purchased it. The Chamber has occupied it for several years.

Tomko said the two improvement items which have been completed are repairing a hole in the kitchen ceiling and shoring up cabinets that were falling off the wall. Cost was $2,000, with some work done on a volunteer basis using donated supplies.

Some smaller projects include installing a new fire alarm system, improving the drainage system on the property and replacing a door allowing entrance to the basement from outside.

Tomko said a new roof eventually will have to be installed, but that is two or more years down the road. After necessary repairs are completed, the society will use additional funds raised for maintenance.

In addition to the Rotary Club’s spaghetti dinner, which raised about $3,000, the society also raised funds at a July 12-13 rummage sale in the Freeman Barn.

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