NORTHFIELD CENTER — Businesses wanting new or replacement signs will have some new regulations to follow.

A number of text changes to chapters of the township’s zoning code, including some pertaining to signs, were approved by township trustees at their July 1 meeting.

In addition, trustees authorized execution of an agreement between the township and Macedonia to construct a "right-in, right-out" access drive from Route 8 into the Crossings at Golden Link.

The text changes were reviewed by the Summit County Planning Commission in April and recommended to the trustees by the township’s zoning commission in May.

Multiple definitions regarding different types of signs and a new definition of "buffer zone" were added. The new sign regulations spell out types, designs, locations and sizes of signs and regulate their installation and maintenance. Other sections focus on fees, permits needed and signs allowed in business districts.

Written notices of public hearings conducted by the board of zoning appeals must now be sent by first-class mail to "parties contiguous and across the street" from property to which the appeal or application relates. The same will apply to notices of public hearings for certain requests to rezone property, requiring they must be mailed "to all owners of property contiguous to and directly across the street from" the area proposed to be rezoned or redistricted.

Anyone wanting a copy of the new sign regulations or updated chapters of the zoning resolution can call or stop in at Township Hall.

Regarding the new access drive from Route 8 into the Crossings at Golden Link, Macedonia officials have said engineering work is under way and the project hopefully will be completed by the end of the year.

The road will be situated between Culver’s restaurant and Chipotle Mexican Grill, about 770 feet south of the Route 82 intersection.

Macedonia Law Director Mark Guidetti said he expects to introduce a resolution — similar to the one adopted by the trustees — at Council’s July 11 session.

The resolution adopted by the township states the estimated cost for the project is $509,000, with funding determined by an assessment procedure set forth in the Ohio Revised Code. No city, township or state funds are expected to be used.

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