MACEDONIA — Two city police officers were involved in a pursuit early Wednesday morning that reached speeds of above 100 mph at times and ended in Cuyahoga County when the officers broke it off due to safety concerns, said Police Lt. Vince Yakopovich.

Yakopovich said an officer was stationary on Interstate 271 when he clocked a northbound vehicle at 92 mph in a 65 mph zone at 1:16 a.m. The officer, joined by a second officer, began pursuing the vehicle, with speeds briefly reaching a high of 115 mph two minutes into the pursuit.

Yakopovich said Bedford Heights police tried to deploy stop sticks to puncture the vehicle’s tires at Rockside Road, but the vehicle went by before they could deploy them.

The pursuit continued onto Interstate 480 westbound until the vehicle exited at Northfield Road, continued north for a short time until the officers broke it off at around Emery Road in North Randall about eight minutes after the pursuit began.

"The vehicle started blowing red lights on Northfield so they cut it, decided it was not worth chasing," said Yakopovich.

Yakopovich said the vehicle’s driver has not been identified.

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