To accommodate growth in the congregation and to support additional discipleship and outreach ministries, Redeemer Church (PCA) in Hudson, has added an assistant pastor. The Elders at Redeemer selected Jason Piland back in January, but had to wait for Jason to complete his Masters in Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, N.C., which he did with distinction in May. 

Piland and his family moved their household to Hudson on May 27. The arrival ofthe new assistant Pastor was a great day for Redeemer Church, with members preparing the newPiland home on Argyle Drive and assembling a large unloading crew for the move in. 

 On Sunday, June 9, Jason presented his first teaching from the pulpit at the Redeemer Church’sevening service. Jason’s text was from Mark 1:40-45, entitled "Cleansed by Christ," and everyone present was greatly impressed with Jason’s ability to present Christ’s gospel.

Jason grew up in North Carolina, then attended Belmont University in Nashville. After completing his law degree and passing the bar he practiced law primarily in the areas of civil litigation and general counsel for small businesses and non-profits. During his time as a practicing lawyer Jason's involvement in his local church led him to think about pursuing full-time ministry. His church in Nashville brought him on staff for a year before sending him to Seminary to study for ordained pastoral ministry. 

 Living in Ohio will be a new experience for Jason, but his wife, Erika, is a native Buckeye, originally from Munroe Falls. Erika’s family moved to Florida when she was 11, but she has many fond memories and both she and Jason have family now living in Northeast Ohio. Erika graduated from undergrad at the University of Florida and subsequently completed her law degree at Belmont University alongside Jason. She is still practicing real estate law part-time from home. She and Jason were married in 2012, have one son (Wesley, almost 2), and a second child on the way.

Jason’s call to the ministry developed out of a love for the church. 

"I believe the weekly gathering of Christians is a gift to God’s people, and God uses it to grow them and build them up. In a world that cannot deliver on any of the promises it makes to us about money, happiness, and power, the sure hope in Jesus Christ stands out as the only thing that will give us what we really need: peace with God," he said.

 Jason believes this is a message of truly good news everyone needs to hear and is excited to be serving at Redeemer Church. He said he realizes he has many lessons to learn about the grace, mercy, and love of God, especially as he embarks on his first years of pastoral ministry. During his time at Redeemer, he hopes that he and others will grow in seeing how glorious the God of creation and redemption is as they search God's word to see him more clearly.

"If I don’t point people to Jesus, making Christ the central focus, I will have failed at my calling," he said.

Redeemer Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of America, and Rev. Dr. Scott R. Wright is the church’s senior pastor, having led the congregation since it was started in 1996. The church has met in the brick building at 190 W Streetsboro Street, since March, 2009.