HUDSON — Residents enjoying the city’s Independence Day fireworks celebration Friday night might be interested in knowing that it is being funded on the income generated by more than $500,000 in investments.

Amy Jordan, president of the Hudson Community Foundation, which has been presenting the event for 12 years, said June 27 that this is how much is in the foundation’s Fireworks Endowment Fund.

"With over 3,000 donations, we have now completed the endowment and Hudson will have fireworks in perpetuity," said Jordan.

The foundation actually announced last year that after more than a decade of effort, the endowment was fully funded, particularly with a $100,000 donation from Hudson-based ForTec Medical.

This year’s event is scheduled to be at Barlow Farm Park, 1965 Barlow Road, with the fireworks to begin at dusk. Saturday is the rain date. Food trucks will be present and Jordan said the fireworks show itself, put on by American Fireworks under a contract with the foundation, will last about 30 minutes.

"Hudson fireworks display is one of the oldest in Ohio," she said.

Barlow Farm Park will be closed for general use on July 5 to 7 and the nearby Oak Grove Park will be closed July 5 and 6.

Free parking for the fireworks show will be available at Little Tikes, 2180 Barlow Road, and at JOANN, 5555 Darrow Road. School transportation company Petermann will provide a free shuttle service from JOANN only to the Hudson Industrial Parkway/Terex Road intersection, beginning at 7 p.m. and resuming from there after the show. The city asks that people pay close attention to no parking signs in the area and not park illegally.

Parking will be available to vehicles with valid handicap placards at Wood Hollow Metro Park, 2121 Barlow Road. There will be no shuttle service from Wood Hollow, but the fireworks show will be clearly visible from the metro park and restrooms will be available.

At 7 p.m., Terex Road will close at Darrow Road and Barlow Road will close at Darrow, Ogilby Drive, at the Little Tikes entrance and at Stow Road, but police will allow motorists with handicap placards going to Wood Hollow to access Barlow at Stow Road until 9:15 p.m.

No consumer fireworks, fire pits, alcohol, and no sales of glow products are permitted inside Barlow Farm Park, at Little Tikes, JOANN, Wood Hollow, or any surrounding areas.

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Jordan said the city’s annual fireworks show began in 1918 and for a time, the shows were funded by businessman Burton D. Morgan, who died in 2003. In the 1970s, the Hudson Jaycees operated it for awhile, but then for a time in the 1980s there were no shows. Jordan said it is her understanding that 2005 and 2006 were also without shows, but then "The Hudson Community Foundation took the lead," including a campaign to make sure the event would have funding well into the future.

"This was an initiative that in 2007 our board of directors wanted to take on for the community, raise these funds and continue the tradition," she said.

Jordan said the foundation, which started in 2000, acts as a manager of various endowments in the city, bringing an organization to gift giving as well as those seeking funding. As an example, said Jordan, the foundation manages various endowments set up to provide scholarships to local students.

"This is where we have our expertise," she said.

Go to for more information about the foundation.

One endowment that Jordan said has the funding it needs is the fireworks fund and the fruits of the labor it took to build it up over the last dozen years should be visible at Barlow Farm Park.

"Truly, it’s a great time to be in Hudson and it is a fun family event for our community," she said. "So come out to the park and enjoy the fireworks."

Reporter Jeff Saunders can be reached at 330-541-9431, or @JeffSaunders_RP.