TWINSBURG — The city is ready to move forward with its 2019 sidewalk construction and repair program after Council awarded a contract at its June 25 meeting.

Spano Brothers Construction Co. of Akron will carry out the work this summer at a cost not to exceed $76,455.

Of the total amount, $42,535 will come from the city’s land and development account, $21,420 from capital improvements for parks and recreation and $12,500 from a federal Community Development Block Grant.

The grant money will go toward a new sidewalk to accommodate patrons at the Twinsburg Senior/Community centers. City Engineer Amy Mohr said sidewalks at 50 other locations throughout the city will be repaired.

Mohr said the major part of the program will include reconstruction of sidewalks which provide primary access to the senior center and ADA compliant, barrier-free access to the community center.

Meanwhile, after several planning commission and Council sessions, Council OK’d creation of sections of the codified ordinances regulating small cell technology in rights-of-way and setting design guidelines.

"The city’s original telecommunications tower regulations never anticipated small cell facilities, nor did they anticipate the state would usurp home-rule authority related to that technology," Director of Planning and Community Development Larry Finch told Council previously.

"The implementation of additional language in the city’s ordinance [Chapter 909] will enable limited local review authority consistent with state law, while Chapter 910 will give the city limited design review authority."

Chapter 909 requires small cell operators who want to locate facilities in the right-of-way to submit an application and receive a small cell use permit after a fee is paid.

It sets regulations for the permitting process, and requires that a work permit be obtained. Fines for each violation of the regulations can be between $100 and $500.

Chapter 910 spells out design guidelines for facilities such as antennas, wireless support structures, ground-mounted equipment, cables, electrical meters and utility lines. The penalties for violations are the same as in Chapter 909.

"The building department spent a lot of time creating these regulations and design guidelines," said Mayor Ted Yates.

"This attempts to make small cell technology as inoffensive as is legally possible," added Councilman Scott Barr.

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