The Aurora Food Pantry should have no problem feeding families looking for help this summer after the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family residential food drive in April resulted in enough donations to purchase $10,000 worth of gift cards.

Food2Share Inc., a local non-profit, designed the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family residential food drive specifically to end 35 straight years of summer food rationing at the Aurora Food Pantry.

"This drive has been an answer to many prayers, because summer months are so difficult for food pantries everywhere," said Jeff Jackson, food pantry director. "These gift cards will enable us to provide fresh vegetables and fruit as well as some fresh meat to families that are really struggling."

Scott McFerren, who directed "materials procurement" for the food drive and led part of the food sorting process at the food storage warehouse, is one of the new leaders for the annual Fill a Bag, Feed a Family program. This is his first year as part of the program.

"I had no idea the amount of planning and advance work that this drive required," he said. "At every stage, we had hundreds of families step up and volunteer their time to get the job done. It is truly exciting to be part of something that helps so many people."

Corrine Rosengarten wears multiple hats as she volunteers many hours at the Aurora Food Pantry and is a critical team member of the Food2Share team. She has been part of the drive leadership for the last 5 years. With the gift card donation complete, drive leaders have the rest of the year off until planning for 2020 begins next January.