TALLMADGE — Tallmadge Circle was partially shut down for more than two hours Friday morning after a car struck a garbage truck between Northwest and West avenues, causing a rupture in the truck’s fuel tank at about 5 a.m., said Police Chief Ron Williams.

"It caused a large spill, the entire contents of the fuel tank was on the road so it needed to be cleaned up," said Williams, adding the circle reopened at around 7:23 a.m.

Williams said he did not know of any injuries and the car that struck the truck left the scene before police arrived. He said police are attempting to identify the car’s driver.

"A license plate fell off the car," he said.

He said motorists took it upon themselves to drive through a Huntington Bank parking lot to West Avenue, and police also directed traffic.

"[Police] blocked the circle at Northwest Avenue and directed cars off the circle onto Northwest," he said.

"It was a minimal disruption," he said. "It wasn’t near as bad as it would have been later when businesses were open."

Williams said he does not know how much fuel leaked out, but Republic Services, the truck’s owner, sent a crew to clean it up.

He said there are no guarantees the hit-skip driver will be located since the car could have been stolen or the plate may have been on a car it was not registered to.

However, "there’s a pretty good chance that’s a solid lead and will lead to a successful conclusion," he said.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact Tallmadge police at 330-633-2181.

Reporter Jeff Saunders can be reached at 330-541-9431, jsaunders@recordpub.com or @JeffSaunders_RP.