TWINSBURG — The Twinsburg school board unanimously approved a new salary schedule for it’s administrative staff, central office staff, psychologists and athletic trainers, effective for one year starting Aug. 1.

The new salary schedule, approved June 5, includes a 2 percent raise.

“This is similar to the increase received by teachers,” said Martin Aho, school treasurer.

The administrative personnel impacted include the treasurer, business manager, the building principals and assistant principals, and other administrative staff.

“This salary schedule provides similar percentage increases in salary as compared to our union employees,” said Board President Rob Felber in an interview after the meeting. “The district has historically kept increases for those not in a bargaining unit on par with those received by staff in bargaining units.”

The administration’s base salary is $72,388, according to the new contract. Salary is then adjusted for individual employees based on several factors, including years of experience, number of days worked and level of education.

The central office staff includes the central office receptionist, administrative assistant to the superintendent, data specialist, payroll officer and others. The salaries for the central office staff, school psychologists and athletic trainer each have a base salary, which is then adjusted depending on years worked. Psychologists also have their rate adjusted by their level of education.

Salaries for central office staff range from $18.69 an hour to $26.99 an hour at the base level, with the highest range for both at $22.85 and $33 respectively.

The base salaries for the school psychologists range from $54,649 a year for a part-time psychologist with a master’s degree, to $83,579 a year for a psychologist with a Ph.D. The base salary for an athletic trainer is $78,917. The salary can go as high as $66,813 for the part-time psychologist, in step 20, and as high as $102,182 for a school psychologist with a PhD. The athletic trainer’s salary can go as high as $96,483 at step 20.

“Steps usually correspond with the years worked in that position,” Aho said. “If someone was hired as an administrator their step is most often less than their total years worked in education because of the different positions they have held. On the other hand, a psychologist could graduate with an advanced degree, work a few years in private practice then get hired by a school district. Then the step and years worked would better align.”

Reporter April Helms can be reached at 330-541-9423,, or @AprilKHelms_RPC