MUNROE FALLS — The Board of Zoning Appeals on Monday will review Circle K’s request for a variance in connection with the company’s plan to build a $3.3 million gas station/convenience store at the corner of Main Street (Route 91) and Munroe Falls Avenue.

Circle K is looking to relocate from its current site at 85 S. Main St. in Munroe Falls and to close a gas station and convenience store on Bailey Road in Cuyahoga Falls, according to Savanna VanDeKamp Peet, the manager responsible for the proposed project.

Circle K is seeking a 15-foot variance on the city’s required 20-foot front parking setback. The company is asking to be allowed to have its parking lot 5 feet away from the street right-of-way along Munroe Falls Avenue, according to Service Director James Bowery. This is a modified version of a requested variance that was turned down by the BZA in October 2018.

The city’s planning commission in May voted against recommending approval of Circle K’s overall plan. City Council will ultimately have the final say on that issue. In August 2018, the commission voted 4-1 in favor of Circle K’s plan, but made that approval subject to all variances being approved. Additionally, Bowery said the plan had slightly changed since it was last seen by the commission, resulting in the need to have the proposal reviewed again.

The BZA in October 2018 approved eight variances for the project. That BZA action is the subject of two different court challenges: In November 2018, the Kremer Family Revocable Trust, which owns a neighboring property, appealed the granting of the variances; and in January, Kremer sought a court order to invalidate the variances, claiming the BZA violated the Open Meetings Act when the variances were approved last fall.

Both of those cases are pending in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

The board will meet at 7 p.m. Monday in City Hall, 43 Munroe Falls Ave.