CUYAHOGA FALLS — The investigation into what may or may not have been a threatening social media message several students reported at Roberts Middle School May 24 has been concluded inconclusively, Police Capt. Steve Guldeman said Thursday.

“One of [the students] accepted a Snapchat from an unknown person and there was a little bit of banter back and forth between the student and the person and the student received a picture ... they thought it was a picture of a picture of a gun on an Xbox,” said Guldeman. “However, when the officer got out there and interviewed the kids, as time went on, they weren’t real clear about what they saw.”

Police Chief Jack Davis said police were hampered in their investigation because Snapchat messages quickly disappear.

In a May 24 all-call made to parents, Roberts Principal Kris Gaijer said the students reported the message at about noon.

Superintendent Todd Nichols previously said the school went into “place and secure,” meaning students were in classrooms with no hall passes issued. Because it was the last day of classes, students were released early and the three students who reported the message were picked up by their parents.

Davis said, “There was an abundance of precaution.”

“We had officers at the school just to make sure everybody was safe on their last day until they got out of the building and we also had officers out patrolling the area to be sure.”

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