MUNROE FALLS — A little spit and polish is needed for a Veterans Memorial, which celebrated 30 years last fall.

The Munroe Falls Veterans Memorial on Munroe Falls Avenue next to City Hall celebrated its 30th anniversary Nov. 11, 2018. A few people noticed the monument was showing its age.

The original sculpture was designed in 1988 by Carl Floyd, a 1989 Cleveland Arts Prize for Visual Arts winner who was known mostly for environmentally appropriate sculptures meant to be used and admired by the general public.

A plaque describes the sculpture. "In this memorial, the earth mounds symbolize the sacred mounds of the native people. The eight pillars represent the eight major U.S. Conflicts. The stone block's four sides show worldwide service by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The carvings evoke historic people, weapons, and battles above gravestones symbolizing lives given for our country."

Last November during the Veterans Day event, a resident pointed out the discoloration on the memorial, crooked flag poles and uneven brickwork on the ground, said Ross Widenor, chair of the park board. The fundraiser will address those problems.

The Munroe Falls Park Board is having a 2019 Veterans Memorial Renovation Fundraiser to raise approximately $10,000 by the end of 2019 by selling bricks.

The park board is selling personalized bricks, either 4 by 8 inches with three lines of engraving (18 characters per line) for $100, or 8 by 8 inches with six lines of engraving (18 characters per line) for $200.

"The memorial does not have a list of veterans now, but the addition of the memorial bricks will give people the opportunity to have the veteran in their life become a permanent part of the structure," Widenor said.

Funds raised will help restore and clean the existing memorial and replace deteriorated bricks around the memorial. Funds also will be used to add benches and re-install flag poles as well as provide for beautification and future maintenance.

"Plans are being made to have another celebration this year but have not been finalized," Widenor said.

Bricks can be ordered online at

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