Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Macedonia —

Drug possession

Man arrested at business: A 34-year-old Maple Heights man was charged with two counts of fifth-degree felony drug possession, as well as a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession charge after police responded to the man’s Highland Road place of employment when they received an anonymous report that the man was wanted on an arrest warrant May 22. Police said that they confirmed the man was wanted by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and while searching him, they found prescription anxiety and seizure medications the man allegedly did not have prescriptions for and a rolled up dollar bill with burnt residue on it allegedly used for inhaling heroin. The man was taken to Macedonia City Jail and the sheriff’s office was contacted.


Woman was loud: Police said that after they responded to a report of a disturbance at a Capital Boulevard hotel late in the evening May 19, a man told them that when his girlfriend became locked out of their room, she became upset and loud when he did not let her in immediately. The man said they would not cause any further disturbances.


Money stolen from bank account: A Shoshone Trail man reported May 18 that after someone made four very small deposits totaling $1.31 into his bank account, someone made five withdrawals totaling a little over $15,000 from the account. Two deposits totaling less than $1 were made to a second account, but no withdrawals were made, the man said. Police said a technique hackers use is to first make small deposits to a bank account to see if they have access to the account and then they make small withdrawals from the account to make sure the they are not blocked from doing so before making one or more large withdrawals. The man said both accounts were closed and the bank is refunding the money into a new account. Police said they are not investigating.


Fraudulent check cashed: The owner of a property management firm reported May 16 that after his firm mailed a check on behalf of a Macedonia homeowners Association to a contractor for $6,676 in April, he discovered that the contractor never received the check and it was apparently cashed at a credit union in Warren. The owner said he then discovered that the check cashed was not the one issued, but a forged copy. Police said the matter was under investigation.

Misuse of a

credit card

Charge was a mistake: Police said that after a Melody Lane woman reported May 14 that someone charged more than $130 to her credit card at a West Virginia hotel, they determined that the charge was apparently a mistake due to an Illinois man with a very similar credit card number accidentally switching two numbers on his card when he registered at the hotel. The woman said the credit card provider reversed the charge and issued a new card to her.