HUDSON — City Councilwoman Beth Bigham has announced her intention to seek re-election to her Ward 4 seat in the Nov. 5 general election.

"It has been my pleasure to serve as an advocate for the citizens of Ward 4," Bigham said. "Forming and working with our Advisory Feedback Group, holding open forums, going door-to-door, calling and e-mailing residents, and sharing valuable insight via social media are a few ways I have sought vital citizen input."

Appointed to council in May 2016 and elected in the fall 2017 to fill an unexpired term, Bigham has become the watchdog of the city’s treasury, frequently calling out council and staff on the amounts being earmarked for expenditure.

"Council must be strong stewards of our city resources," she said. "I have consistently challenged the leadership to provide transparency and accountability concerning tax dollars and public resource expenditures.

"Additionally, I have sought and provided alternative options on contentious items, and I will continue to provide a watchful eye over your taxpayer monies."

Issues competing for council’s attention include Downtown Phase II redevelopment, plans for the Youth Development Center property on Hines Hill Road, the new municipal office building renovations at the former PASCO headquarter site, as well as upgrades to the emergency services dispatch operations, and infrastructure issues involving Akron City Water and Velocity Broadband.

Bigham said transportation concerns, like road improvements and sidewalk connectivity, are of great concern to residents but have been largely pushed to the back burner.

"Overall, I believe we need a sound back-to-basics approach that starts by focusing on a clear set of objectives and priorities," Bigham said.

As a resident stakeholder with her husband, George, Bigham says, "I want to continue to ensure the enduring high quality of life while safeguarding the small town Hudson charm and beauty of our city.

"Much is at stake in our  city and the upcoming election, and I pledge to be a vital participant and leader inthe ongoing dialogue over the future of our great city."