NORTHFIELD CENTER — Three government entities will share the estimated cost of $338,000 for a new water line running along Natalie Boulevard between Springcreek and Sandy Hill roads.

Township officials hope the project can be undertaken this year, and it will correspond with a road reconstruction project involving Springwood Road and Natalie Boulevard.

According to North Hills Water District Fiscal Officer Jeff Snell, the district is not pushing the water line project, but he said it would enhance safety in the neighborhood by adding fire hydrants.

Macedonia’s Acting Fire Chief Brian Ripley said to fight a fire in the area now means the fire department has to connect several hundred feet of hose to fire engines, which is a time-consuming process.

Northfield Center Township would be responsible for nearly half the cost of the project — about $160,000 — while Sagamore Hills Township would chip in $88,210 and the North Hills Water District $89,970.

The line would be 8 inches, with the hydrant assembles being 6 inches. There already are hydrants on Lucy Lane, Brandywine Road, Route 82, North Boyden Road and French Street.

The North Hills Water District was to discuss the Natalie water line project at a meeting April 9.

Meanwhile, Snell said the road reconstruction project is estimated to cost $830,000, with Northfield Center Township paying $375,000, Sagamore Hills Township $58,000, plus an Ohio Public Works Commission grant of $415,000.

Contracts for the water line and road resurfacing projects have not been awarded yet. Township manager Steve Wright said bid specs are being drafted for the road project, and officials hope to complete work by this fall.

As for other infrastructure projects, Service Director Rick Youel said the township plans to spend an estimated $50,000 this year on chip-and-seal work on Barry, Karen, Kathy and Laurie lanes.

Trustees authorized the Summit County engineer’s office to incorporate the chip-and-seal projects into its general repaving bid for 2019.

Trustees approved an $18,715 purchase order for street signs and poles for all of the township’s side streets. Youel said that includes 136 6-inch tall signs, 41 9-inch tall signs and 100 poles and associated hardware.

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