Hudson’s own Keith Collins II’s first feature film "Maximillian," is now making its way into theaters.

The Cleveland filmmaker will release his full-length feature, "Maximillian," May 24. "Maximillian" is an action and martial arts film inspired by anime and other action, as well as martial arts classics such as John Wick and The Raid. Production started in Late February 2018 and ended in mid-June 2018.

"Maximillian" tells the story of a secret team of assassins known as the Shadows, who are employed by a crime boss Vargas. Maximillian or Max, a member of the Shadows, is placed in a battle royale against his teammates to the death by their boss.

Collins has been a fight choreographer and filmmaker for more than nine years.

"I wanted to make a film that showcased the action talent and stunt community of Cleveland," Collins said. "We have some really talented and underutilized stunt men and women, here in Cleveland and I really look forward to seeing how audiences receive this film."

The movie trailer was recently accepted in the "Action on Film Megafest Film Festival" in Las Vegas and will show there July 25 through Aug 2. The movie will be coming soon to Amazon video.