The Twinsburg Orchestra gave an outsanding performance at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York City March 23, as the musicians traveled along side the Twinsburg High School band for a four-day trip to the Big Apple.

Under the direction of Damon Conn, director of orchestras, the musicians struck a high note, leaving their mark on the "city that never sleeps." This performance is just one of many accolades this school year for the Twinsburg Orchestra.

On March 1, the high school orchestra earned unanimous "Superior" ratings at the Ohio Music Education Association State Orchestra contest at Brunswick High School. The orchestra performed in class A which is highly difficult. A "Superior" rating is the highest rating a high school performing group receives from the O.M.E.A. This is the orchestra’s sixth year in a row receiving this top honor.

Also on Feb. 16, the high school orchestra earned 10 "Superior" ratings and six "Excellent" ratings in the District six O.M.E.A. Solo and Ensemble adjudicated event at Firestone Community Learning Center in Akron. Solo and ensemble provides each student the opportunity to perform before a judge and receive comments with a rating of I (superior); II (excellent), III, IV and V.

The music must be selected from a required state list and is classified A, B, or C, with class A being the most difficult.

The following students received "Superior" ratings on solos: Aaron Booker, violin; Deepti Naruka, violin; Kevin Onion, violin; Allison Riley, violin; Shyliss Ruffin, violin; Rebecca Mold, viola; and Amy Dokiburra, cello.

The following students received "Excellent" ratings on solos: Kent Weinroth, violin; Emma Unangst, cello; Cameron Lucas, string bass; and Rebecca Mold, piano.

The following students received "Superior" ratings on ensembles: Kevin Onion, Joshua Powell, Rebecca Mold and Emma Unangst, string quartet;  Deepti Naruka and Allison Riley, violin duet; and Rayma Jahan and Sarah Zammikiel, viola and cello duet.

The following students received "Excellent" rating on ensembles: Shyliss Ruffin, Gillian Robbins, Aimee Flores and Amy Dokiburra, string quartet; and Kevin Onion and Ana Maria Surdu, violin duet.

Special recognition on solos went to: Ana Maria Surdu, violin; Aimee Flores, viola; and Rayma Jahan, viola.