STOW — A Kent man was uninjured Saturday when he had to be hoisted up after becoming stranded along the Cuyahoga River beneath the Glens High Bridge, Fire Chief Fred Jackson said Wednesday.

Jackson said a woman on the observation bridge, downstream of Broad Boulevard, called 911 at about 7:45 p.m. after she saw the 34-year-old man below. The man later said he had been stuck there since about 4 p.m., said Jackson.

"He was out and about with a friend or friends in a car," said Jackson. "They parted their separate ways. He went for a walk and ended up down along the river in the gorge. He really wasn’t more specific than that. He walked all the way down to where the water touches the rock and then he walked upstream and then he got himself into a position where he wasn’t comfortable turning around and walking back downstream. There was a sheer rock face beside him and there was fast moving water in front of him; so, he kind of walked into a funnel."

A member of the fire department rescue team was lowered from the east edge of the gully. The man was secured by a harness and lifted to safety.

Jackson said the fire department cleared the scene at a little before 11 p.m.

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