Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —

Open door

School door found unlocked: A police officer reported that while on patrol, he found a Kimpton Middle School front entrance door unlocked at about 4:30 a.m. March 23. The officer said the center post between it and another door was turned slightly, preventing the door from locking. The officer said he straightened the post and the door locked. Police said they checked the building and did not find anything out of order.


Man was grandson: Police said that after they responded to an anonymous report of a suspicious vehicle in a North River Road home’s driveway during the early afternoon March 22. Police said they determined the driver was the homeowners’ grandson and he was there to check on the home while his grandparents were out of town.

Photographer reported: A man reported an unknown man was taking photos of the front of his home in Gaylord Drive’s 100 block during the afternoon March 20. The man said he confronted the unknown man, who told him he worked for a mortgage company. The man said he told the unknown man to stop taking pictures of his home and the unknown man left in a vehicle.

— Stow —


Suspects tried to enter home: A man reported that two unknown people tried to break into his home in Ritchie Road’s 1800 block late in the evening March 24.

The man said that at about 11 p.m., he saw the headlights of a vehicle pulling into the driveway. He said that from an upstairs window he saw two people wearing hooded sweatshirts trying to enter the home through the front door, but it was locked. The man said he then remembered that another door next to the garage was unlocked and he ran downstairs to lock it. When he got to the door, the suspects tried to push it open and he pushed back to prevent them from entering. Both suspects yelled at him to let them in, but the man managed to lock the door, the man said. The man said he believed they then left in the vehicle, driving east on Ritchie towards Route 91. The man said he did not know who the suspects were and could not describe them or their vehicle. Police said that without known suspects, they closed their investigation.

Receiving stolen property

Items stolen in Kent: A Barberton man, 41, was charged with fifth-degree felony receiving stolen property after police responded to a report that the man and a Kent man, 37, were suspicious persons in the parking lot of a store in Kent Road’s 3200 block and the two men ran from police at about 4 p.m. March 22.

Police said both men were also charged with misdemeanors, with the Barberton man charged with possession of fireworks, the Kent man charged with drug abuse instruments possession and both men charged with obstruction of official business.

Police said they caught both men after a foot chase and they found the Barberton man in possession of a driver’s license and other identification cards and credit and bank cards reported stolen in Kent. He was also found in possession of fireworks, including bottle rockets and M-80s, and the Kent man had a hypodermic syringe in his possession.


Residents report fraud: Two Stow residents reported March 22 that there was fraud involving their credit card accounts.

A woman reported someone removed a total of $1,000 in two transactions from her credit card account and into an online payment service account and a man reported someone tried to remove $500 from his account into an account with the same payment service. Police said the provider for both cards is the same bank.

The woman said that the day before, someone claiming to work for the bank’s fraud department called and told her someone had attempted to charge purchases to the card in Florida and she needed to close the account and open a new one. Confirmation codes were texted to her, the woman said. The woman said that the next day, she received an email from the bank, questioning her about the account changes. She said she went to a bank branch and learned the call the day before had been fraudulent.

The man said someone called him a couple of days earlier falsely claiming that his credit card had been compromised and he would be getting a new card in the mail. The man said he gave the person his Social Security number and he subsequently received a credit card statement showing an attempt was made to transfer $500 from his credit card account. The bank blocked it, however, and closed the account. The man said he went to the bank, where there were other people in line making similar complaints.

Woman reports phone call: A Stow woman reported March 15 that she received a phone call from someone claiming to be an "officer" with the "Social Security Department" and that someone was fraudulently using her Social Security number. The woman said she realized the call was itself fraudulent and disconnected, but not before she provided her Social Security number. Police said the woman had suffered no known loss, but she said she would contact the Social Security Administration. Police said the woman’s caller ID showed the caller’s phone number had a New York state area code.


License plate cut off truck: A Commerce Drive business employee reported March 21 that someone cut the rear license plate off of a business-owned tow truck. The employee said it was uncertain where or when it happened.