Rabaab Dhingra from Western Academy Reserve won the top spot in the Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest.

The other three finalists were Minjoo Koo from WRA; and Jacob Werner and Yeji Kim from Hudson High School.

Teachers guiding the participants included Mandy Wasserman from HHS and Todd Gilbert from WRA.

Dhingra will compete in the district contest April 26 at Aurora High School.

The 4-Way test consists of four simple questions: Is it the truth ? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship ? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The contest applyies these principles to a current ethical issue. Students are challenged to identify a topic about which they feel passionate and adopt a point of view. Each contestant has five to seven minutes to make a persuasive presentation. The two Rotary Clubs in Hudson have chairmen for this contest to coordinate with participating students and faculty. The chairmen this year were Jim Ahern and Ted Olson.