HUDSON — A woman who alleged that her son had been bullied while a student in the school district has dismissed a personal injury civil complaint against the district, district administrators and employees, and several parents and their children.

According to Summit County Court of Common Pleas records, notices that the mother and her son were voluntarily dismissing the case against the majority of defendants were filed March 3 to 6. Court documents indicate that claims were earlier dismissed against one student and that student’s parents, as well as a school bus driver and an unnamed bus aide.

Michael O’Shea, the mother and son’s attorney, said Monday that the case had been dismissed against all defendants in the case.

"The majority of the claims were resolved and the remainder of the claims, we decided, [the mother] wants to move on with her life and her son’s life so they’re doing just that," said O’Shea.

According to court documents, settlements were reached with two students and their parents, but records do not indicate any settlements with the district and district employees.

In an email, district spokeswoman Sheryl Sheatzley confirmed in an email to the Hudson Hub-Times on Monday that there has been no settlement involving the district and district employees.

"We are pleased that the plaintiff has decided to dismiss the case against the District and individual employees," said Sheatzley. "We will continue to appropriately follow the procedures and provide services for the well-being of our students."

O’Shea declined to comment on any settlements.

"I’m not at liberty to talk about that, but I can say the claims have been dismissed," he said.

The complaint, filed in October 2017 against the district, four students and their parents or guardians; three additional unnamed students and their unnamed parents; administrators and staff at East Woods Elementary School and Hudson Middle School; and a district bus driver and an unnamed bus aide, alleged that the woman’s son had been repeatedly "bullied and harassed and assaulted by a number of students …" for more than three years while a student at the elementary and middle school.

It further alleged that the mother had reported the issues to district administrators and employees and that the parents of students who allegedly bullied her son knew of the issues, but the district and the parents "failed to take any and/or sufficient appropriate measures to protect the Plaintiff Minor or to address the bullying, harassment or assaults.

"Said failures lead to untimely medical treatment for concussions, broken arm, severe emotional distress and continual injuries to the plaintiff minor — and also lead to serious emotional distress…"

Sheatzley wrote that students can report aggressive behavior and bullying to a trusted adult or use the district’s Safe Helpline at 800-418-6423 ext. 397.

"The health, safety, and wellness of those we serve is our primary mission," she wrote. "We care about all students and we are committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, nurturing environment. The Hudson City School District has policies and procedures in place that guide our actions of investigating any reports of bullying and other forms of aggressive behavior."

O’Shea said the outcome is best for those involved.

"I believe [the mother] and her son are just happy this part of their life is hopefully behind them and they can move on and even the school district can move on," he said.

Editor’s note: Reporter April Helms contributed to this story.

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