TWINSBURG — Two major contracts — for trash and recyclables collection and 2019 road resurfacing — are being considered by City Council.

The three-year trash and recyclables contract would be with Waste Management of Ohio of Glenwillow, while the road improvements pact would be with Barbicas Construction Inc. of Akron at a cost of $902,997.

Finance Director Sarah Buccigross said the city paid Waste Management about $1.18 million in 2018 and that figure would increase by 3 percent this year.

Waste Management has provided trash and recyclables pickup for the past five years under a contract dated April 1, 2013. The new three-year contract would run through March 30, 2022.

An amendment to the previous contract eliminates the fuel adjustment clause, such that the rates paid to the contractor would no longer be adjusted to account for changes in the price of fuel.

The monthly rate for solid waste collection per home would be $9.26 as of April 1, rising to $9.54 in 2020 and $9.82 in 2021. Cost per ton would be $48.79 this year, rising to $51.76 in 2021.

The current rate for recycling per home would be increased by 42 cents to $2.83 starting April 1, with the rate increasing to $2.91 per home in 20120 and $3 in 2021.

Of that 42 cents, 23 cents is a recycling offset fee intended to help defray the cost of removing recycling contamination and processing recyclables, as well as the reduced value of recycling commodities.

Commencing Dec. 1, 2019, and each Dec. 1 thereafter, the parties would negotiate any further increases or decreases in the recycling offset fee based upon market conditions at that time.

Waste Management officials said the recycling offset fee is being added because of China’s ban on import of certain products generated by the global recycling industry and the 0.5 percent contamination limits.

Meanwhile, three bids were received for the road improvements, according to City Engineer Amy Mohr. 

Work is planned on Ashdale, Maple, Canyon Falls, Creekside and Enterprise Parkway, plus bridge abutments on Miktarian Parkway and some catch basins and manholes on Routes 82 and 91 and Glenwood Drive.

The trash / recycling contract will be on second reading at Council’s March 12 meeting, while the road improvements pact will be on third reading.

Two other agreements remain on Council’s agenda — one with Reminderville for police and fire dispatching services and one to acquire a property at 9833 E. Idlewood Drive as part of the FEMA funding program in the Tinker’s Creek flood plain.

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