The Hudson City School District has partnered with U.S.-based company Swagelok to bring the Bloodhound Education Program to Hudson students.

Bloodhound SCC is a United Kingdom-based effort to break the world land speed record of 1,000 mph using a supersonic car. The Bloodhound Education Program aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this case, the creation of a jet and rocket powered car capable of setting a new world land speed record serves as the inspiration.

The HCSD and Swagelok hope to engage fourth-grade students in problem solving, design thinking and flexible learning skills that will be required of them in tomorrow’s knowledge workforce.

"It is exciting to see that Hudson has been named as one of the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2019 by the Intelligent Community Forum," said Hudson Superintendent Phil Herman. "As a school district, we strive to partner with our parents, local businesses, civic leaders and community organizations to provide experiences for our students that enable them to build the character traits, knowledge and skill sets to be effective problem solvers in a rapidly changing world.

"Whether our students are exploring the land lab, designing and testing rocket cars, or co-writing with students around the world, our students are engaging in learning activities that not only enhance their subject content knowledge, but also help them grow into collaborative advocates ... to improve their school, work and community environments."

Swagelok has trained employees to mentor students through the lessons and aid them in designing their own mini-Bloodhound cars. Swagelok funded the program through the initial year and provided many of the resources to allow its continuation.

Together, the HCSD and Swagelok have made these students the first certified ambassadors of the project in the United States. And Hudson was the first school district in the U.S. to formally add Bloodhound to its curriculum.

Teachers have integrated Bloodhound-themed lessons, including earth, physical and life sciences, physics, chemistry, language arts, social studies and English. Teams present marketing materials about their cars to obtain sponsorships, which in turn sustain the program. Students sell sponsorship of their car much the same way NASCAR teams adorn their cars with  logos.

Students offer the opportunity for sponsors to "inspire students to love math, engineering and design" by placing their name and logo on a car, in an advertisement in the race day program and on the scoreboard at Hudson Memorial Stadium on race day.

Students will be able to explore a NASCAR stock car owned by Kaulig Racing. Kaulig Racing is a full-time American stock car racing team, owned by Matt Kaulig, a Hudson resident and CEO and owner of LeafFilter Gutter Protection.

During the 2018-19 school year, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. engineers will discuss tire design with the Hudson Bloodhound teams. Teams of fourth grade students will design and print wheels based on knowledge gained from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. engineers.

The Hudson High School Broadcast Journalism class has gotten in on this exciting project as well by designing the television screens, doing a live broadcast, editing replays and conducting interviews for the annual race where students compete with their mini Bloodhound cars. This broadcast is done through a partnership with the city of Hudson’s Hudson Community Television that offers television production classes, taught by HCTV staff in the HCTV studio.

In addition, Mike Ford, STEM communicator based in U.K. for the Bloodhound Project, visited Hudson schools in February to discuss the mission of the Bloodhound Project to break the land speed record and deepen the collaboration with the Hudson City School District.

View a video of the students and the Bloodhound Program race at