MACEDONIA — For the second time in a little over 48 hours, the fire department responded to the same Crow Drive home for a fire Thursday night, with little or no damage and no injuries either time.

An attic fire was reported at the home in Crow’s 8600 block at about 7:45 p.m. Thursday, said Acting Fire Chief Brian Ripley. Ripley said Macedonia police using a fire extinguisher quickly had the fire under control and it only damaged some insulation.

Ripley said the fire is believed to be related to the first fire, which was reported a little after 4 p.m. Tuesday.

"After the fire on Tuesday, a hot ember must have been left amongst all the 12 to 18 inches of [paper] insulation in the attic and none of our equipment can pick up that tiny little ember, especially when it’s insulated by all the insulation holding all the heat in," Ripley said.

Ripley said after the Tuesday fire, a contractor cleaning the attic channeled air into the attic to dry it out.

"That fed oxygen to this little ember, which then started to burn the insulation," he said.

Ripley said the fire department did not clear the scene until 10 p.m. while the Valley Fire District brought in equipment to suck out all of the insulation in that part of the attic. Ripley said the equipment is co-owned by area communities, including Macedonia, but is stored at the fire district’s station in Peninsula.

The cause of the Tuesday fire is under investigation, but it involved the home’s chimney where it comes out of the roof. That fire also was quickly extinguished and caused only minimal damage, mostly to the attic and roof.

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