STOW — Local mayors are doing their part to thank local veterans for their service.

Stow Mayor John Pribonic and James Armstrong, the mayor of Munroe Falls, presented a check recently to the leaders of Acker-Moore Memorial Post in the amount of $4,000 at the post home, located at 3733 Fishcreek Road. 

"The money will go toward the post, and we do a lot of charity work, too," said George Fisher, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4738. "We’ll put it to good use. We appreciate it very much and look forward to working with the city a lot more."

Pribonic said the donation is connected to the cities’ Armed Forces Banner Program where families can purchase a banner to remember someone living or dead who serve in the military. "These are the banners you see throughout the cities of Munroe Falls and Stow," he said.

"Every year we have some residual money left," Pribonic said. "This year we are donating $4,000 to this post, $500 to Freedom House in Kent and $1,000 to the city of Munroe Falls for their 9/11 memorial. It’s a unique thing that we can not only support our veterans with the banners hanging on the poles, but we have the VFW/ American Legion Post here that can serve more veterans."

Pribonic said he met with Fisher a couple weeks ago and they anticipate getting involved in more joint efforts between the city of Stow and Acker-Moore Post. "They are a great asset to this community with this hall … and they give the veterans a place to go." He said it’s not only important to remember the veterans who have passed on, but also to honor on a daily basis those "who pass through these doors."

"We’re a dual post here," said Kellie Keller, president of the American Legion Post 175 Auxiliary. "We’re American Legion ‘slash’ VFW. We’re one of five in the United States that have two posts in one building."

Keller added, "It’s wonderful that the city is giving back. They’ve been coming here for years having different events; the fire department, police, chamber of commerce. We all take care of each other hand in hand."

Keller, who serves as the post’s banquet manager, said members will be "thrilled" when they hear about the donation.

Reporter Steve Wiandt can be reached at 330-541-9420, or @SteveWiandt_RPC.